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Galaxy projector light for room

Galaxy projector light for room

Do you want your room to turn into a colorful room to change into multiple calming colors? Our galaxy Projector can turn any boring room into a colorful room within seconds. You just plug it in and instantly transform your room into a breathtaking, relaxing environment. Imagine yourself in the galaxy atmosphere which puts the mind at ease while creating an exquisite aesthetic in any space.

star projector for ceiling

Our Ocean Wave Projector turns your room with an array of stars beautifully paired with your choice of multiple calming colors. The Star Light Projector is perfect for traveling with a night into a trip through space. The Nebula Star Light Projectorcomes with a Bluetooth speaker, simple button controls, cycles through light effects, adjusts brightness, 10 different colors, creating fade effects, timer, and clear audio.

  • Full Spectrum Lighting.
  • Timer Setting for Auto Shutoff.
  • A unique way to light up parties
  • Wireless Remote Controller Included.
  • Simple button controls make it effortless to utilize.

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